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Setting up guidelines and procedures
Selecting software applications
Software implementation
Organisational re-structuring

The Management Information
System Framework

Information is the backbone of healthy and efficient business management. An information system allows the collection and processing of data to produce useful information for designated users at each level of management. Information management must conform to well-defined principles, run on appropriate software, and be completely adapted to your organization within an integrated system usually known as Management Information System.
We help you to set up and implement a suitable information system, or to modify an existing system in order, to allow for efficiency and synergy. We intervene on the whole system, or on a part of its components to bring about the desired result.

Setting Up Guidelines and Management Rules

Depending on its objectives and constraints, each company defines its own unique strategy. Our MIS team will help you to get from this strategy policies and guidelines supporting the information system. These guidelines will then be further detailed into management rules and procedures that will optimize information flow.

Our Approach: As a first step our MIS consultant will learn aboutManagement Information System your strategy, understand your business and organization by meeting with company management. After studying and analyzing your current system, we will identify the main flow of internal information (accounting, logistics, production...) and external information (customers, suppliers, bank...). For the purpose of optimizing the managers' actions and accelerating subsequent tasks, we will classify this flow by sector (sales, stocks, purchases...).
The old system will then be adapted to allow for the optimization of your strategy implementation. Once the new guidelines are validated by sector, we will set up the rules describing the management options together with the relevant managers.

In order that this reference framework, which is the backbone of your information system, be clear to everyone and supported by your whole team, we will document it in an easily understood fashion.

Our Added Value: as experts in all aspects of accounting and financial management, we will faithfully carry on your business strategy and serve your interests in concrete and material ways.

Selection of Software Applications
Implementing a reliable software package is the best way to set up an efficient information system. The use of standard management software applications permits the attainment of this goal. We, through our experience with various types of management systems, will assist you in selecting the optimal and economical solution adapted to your company.

Our Approach: To limit possible risks, our MIS consultancy division will recommend setting up an optimal information system with active participation of your team. Based on your guidelines and management rules, this new information system will take into account your strategic priorities, as well as your data processing resources. A report of your company's specific characteristics will be given to you and used for matching the appropriate software.

Thorough knowledge of the software applications' modules enables us to rapidly pre-select and suggest solutions corresponding to your requirements. We will then present these solutions to you, along with professional recommendations, and you will be able to make your own choice, under the most favorable conditions.

Software Implementation
Once the management software application selected, the MIS team  will assist you in its implementation: installation, integration of software applications with your information system, transfer of previous data, testing reports, etc. We are by your side to help you benefit from our expertise.

We will even train new users and assist them during the start-up phase and help them document their own notes.

Our Added Value: thorough knowledge of, and experience with, software applications available on the market, together with a wide experience of project management enable us to guarantee a quick and low cost implementation of your solution.
Organizational Re-structuring
We can get further in its study to provide an alternative setup for the organization. This service could include phasing-out the old system and securing the integrity of the newly phased-in system. We will secure complete adherence to set strategies and policies and amply training the needed staff.

Organizational restructuring and re-engineering is an option that many organizations take to secure viability in changing times. Re-structuring calls for a wide variety of skills to secure a smooth change from one organizational setup to another. We offer a step-by-step approach that allows for a trouble-free and safe execution of your new strategy without any legal or technical difficulty.

Our Approach: First, our MIS consultant will identify your management requirements and the constraints of your present organization. After comparing the information collected with your new guidelines and management rules we will recommend a target organization model.

When this target organization model is approved, we will suggest the steps needed to create it. Three areas get thoroughly revised to ensure a high level of security: the assignments and the role of each function are determined using principles of internal control, procedures are written, and lastly job profiles are set up. Simplicity and flexibility are the two basic principles that guide our work.

During implementation, we will assist you by training and coaching your staff as a team to boost the start of your re-structured organization, thus allowing you to reap the full benefits of your new information system.

Our Added Value: as a major accounting firm, we are by definition, experts in procedures and internal control. This know-how, added to experience in information systems implementation, makes us your ideal partner in restructuring your organization.