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Corporate Financial Services

Financial Audit
Financial Statements
Financial Feasibility studies
Company valuation report
Private placement preparation
Assessments and Recommendations

The Corporate Finance division mission is to support management in strategic decision making through: 

-Assessing the financial standing and performance of a company, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, potential, and coming up with suggestions and recommendations on investment and operational decisions so as to maximize efficiency, profitability, and ultimately shareholders’ value.  
-Evaluating the financial viability of new projects, expansion of existing operations be it a regional expansion or the introduction of new lines of products and services.  

-Assisting management in designing and implementing the most appropriate financing scheme, i.e., assistance in setting up the appropriate debt/equity ratio and the appropriate kind of debt financing to match expected revenues with interest and debt repayments according to comprehensively-prepared financial forecasts. Assistance in financing is not limited to debt financing but also tackles equity financing if need be.

Our Approach:  
We provide you, through our alliance with highly experienced experts, professional corporate financial services of international standing. Our task will be completed with utmost diligence, professionalism, confidentiality, and international-standard reporting. For that end, our experienced experts personally work on all the stages of requested tasks. Such a working strategy, as opposed to delegate / supervise strategy, ensures the quality of service we set to achieve for you.

Our unique approach, set to maximize the ultimate benefit for you as a corporate client, consists of the following:  
“Know Your Corporate Client” rule. At a first stage, our professional(s) closely coordinate with your company’s management to assimilate and grasp its identity, vision, strengths and weaknesses and become “ a member of the family”.  
Determine, based on our experience and above “Know Your Corporate Client” rule, the kind of assistance needed.  
Work closely with your company’s management and staff to complete determined financial service.  
Assist in implementation of recommendations, financing schemes…

Our Added Value  
The diligence, comprehensiveness, and conscientiousness of our approach ensures to you not only an international standard of professionalism, but also a close assistance from the early stages of cooperation up to the implementation stage, which in our opinion, is a prerequisite for the optimal efficiency of our services.

Our corporate financial services could be briefly described as follows:

      1. Financial Audit / Financial Due diligence  
A financial audit (also called financial due diligence) report analyzes and elaborates on the operational and financial performance of your company over a time period, highlighting trends, strengths, weaknesses, and coming up with suggestions and recommendations to improve the overall financial standing and performance of the company.



      2. In-depth Financial Forecasts and Pro Forma (Projected) Financial Statements  
Financial forecasts and pro forma financial statements provide a futuristic view of your company's financial performance and standing over a 3- to 5-year period based on a set of operational, capital expenditure, and capital structure inputs. The inputs will be diligently worked out between us and your company's management, after which a financial model will be built to derive projected financial statements, i.e., balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. In turn, the pro-forma statements allow your company's management to foresee financial results given a set of assumptions. A subsequent sensitivity analysis exercise depicts expected financial results for different set of assumptions, providing solid support for strategic decision making.




      3. Financial Feasibility Studies with Sensitivity Analyses  
A financial feasibility evaluates the viability of your new project or of an expansionary plan for an already existing operation. Again here, the inputs (related to capital expenditure and operations) will be diligently worked out between us and your project initiator(s), after which a financial feasibility, consisting of in-depth financial projections, will determine the profitability of the project and the optimum capital structure.  



      4. Company Valuation Reports  
A corporate valuation is a delicate professional exercise aimed at determining the dollar value of your company. The valuation is needed when you are planning to bring in additional equity through the issuance of new shares, shareholders planning to sell part or whole of their ownership stake in the company, and mergers and acquisitions. A corporate valuation is also a prerequisite exercise to a private placement / public offering when the offered securities are equity-related (common shares, convertible bonds, GDRs…).



      5. Preparation of Private Placement Memorandums / Public Offerings  
Comprehensive preparation and write-up of professional private placements and public offerings along with assistance in raising required funds.  



      6. Regular Financial Follow-up, Assessments, and Recommendations  
Long-term corporate assistance and support through regular financial follow-up, assessments, and recommendations.



      7. Other Tailor-Made Financial Services
Tailor made in-depth corporate consultancy services.