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The Audit Framework

•  Internal Audit
•  External Audit

In an aggressive market, every Manager or Investor needs reliable information to make strategic and profitable decisions.
In this environment, the Audit profession plays an important role by providing fair and pertinent information.

What Does "Audit" Mean?
In its simplified meaning, the Audit consists in controlling the credibility of a company's accounts and financial statements.
But in fact, for a better understanding of the Audit function, we distinguish between 2 types of Audit: the Internal Audit and the External Audit.
Audit FrameworkA- Internal Audit:
The Internal Audit is a series of policies and procedures implemented by top management in order to achieve an efficient and profitable management of the company's resources.
The existence of such a department is vital for the performance of the company as well as for the work of external auditors.
In this context, our auditors can advise any company wishing to implement an effective Internal Audit. We are ready to give advice in every step of the process, and to use our experience to assist our clients tailoring the appropriate system.
B- External Audit
The task of the External Auditors is to examine the company (through a series of tests and procedures), and to draw out a final report, in which they deliver their opinion that the financial statements give a "true and fair view" of the financial position.
We view audit not just as a business delivery assurance, but a process providing professional advice throughout the year.

Our Approach: [TOP]
Our auditing system is based on the recognized international standard, with the aim of reaching the "Total Quality" policy.
Our principles:
Integrity: Honesty in the performance of our professional services.
Objectivity: Not influenced by prejudices or conflict of interests.
Confidentiality: No disclosure of information acquired during the audit mission without authorization

The Role of Technology
The proper use in our audit department of advanced technologies provides you with the advantage of combining efficiency, security and speed in conducting the Audit mission.