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Payroll Management
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Payroll management is a profession of its own. It entails a heavy workload at fixed dates, calls for a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of legal issues and requires absolute confidentiality. For the company, it is a monthly complex task, which is inescapable. To simplify your payroll process, we can offer and implement a solution to your organization, your strategic priorities or your constraints.

Outsourcing payroll management
You entrust all or part of the payroll process to us. The advantages are numerous: meeting deadlines, providing follow-up and implementation of regulations, whatever the status of your employees. Confidentiality of payroll is guaranteed. Your teams gain time. Our payroll specialists advise you and meet all your needs.
With our payroll team, you have an external professional payroll department at your disposal.

Our Approach: [TOP]
To implement an external payroll service, properly adapted to your needs, complete knowledge of your business and its activity is essential. What are the specific characteristics of your organization? Do some employees have a specific status? Are parts of your staff expatriates?
After a detailed analysis of your situation, the payroll specialists will cater for your needs, define appropriate working arrangements and establish the best information flows.

What we will do for you
- Pay slips, social returns, payroll accounting entries, Social accounts, formalities linked to the hiring of an employee, full settlement documents relating to the termination of labor contracts.

- Follow-up of social laws and prescription of the relevant collective labor agreement, answers to all current human resource questions, assistance in case of audits.

Our Added Value: the experience of payroll professionals, as well as social and accounting expertise guarantee that all your needs are taken care of.

Using a payroll software package [TOP]
You are looking for an effective tool for payroll management. There are two solutions: either you optimize the existing tool, or you equip your business with a new payroll software application. With us, you will have a payroll software package, adapted to your needs.

Our Approach:
We determine your specific payroll requirements, we identify your filing obligations, we draw up specifications (figures, processing, outputs...) integrating your constraints
regarding cost, quality and deadlines, we analyse your data processing environment and evaluate your present tools.

Depending on the result of this study, we will recommend either adapting your present system or implementing a new payroll software application. In both cases, we will set up the system, train the users, supply them with a procedure manual and assist them in their new environment.

Our Added Value: We offer a dual competence, continuously updated in social matters and software installation.

Payroll specialists at your disposal for a specific assignment [TOP]
You retain one or several payroll specialists for a specific assignment: to replace an absent employee, carry out exceptional work or work requiring special technical expertise. With us, you will find the missing specialist(s) at once, whatever the length of the assignment. We immediately send you one or several professionals.

Our Approach:
Having defined the context of the assignment, the nature and period of the assistance needed, we select among our team one or several professionals who can meet your needs. Two days later, they are on site.

Added Value: competent and motivated accustomed to adapt to all types of business environment, our professionals are immediately operational.

J. Homsy Associés: Payroll management with added value [TOP]
In order to provide firms with payroll assistance and fulfill all their requirements, however complex, we bring together the skills of chartered accountants, consultants and payroll specialists. Their knowledge and working methods are continuously updated, and they are experts in data processing techniques.