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Management Accounting
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Analyzing management information is of the utmost importance. It gives management a strategic view, enables it to take the most profitable options, to make it more reactive and to consolidate the company's growth. All indicators and measurement and control tools must be reliable, pertinent and operational. This is guaranteed by us, when recommending and implementing the system of management accounting, adapted to your business.

Implementation of cost accounting
Analyzing your present results in order to learn from the past. Our experts will help you to know, evaluate and control your activity better.
By implementing a management system allowing accurate analysis of the cost structure, you are able to compute your product or customer margins, to calculate your production and activity costs... All this information proves valuable in enhancing your profitability and adopting a pertinent pricing policy.

Our Approach:
In order to define the cost accounting system adapted to your company, our experts will draw up a list of your objectives and management priorities and analyze the existing accounting system. For modification or renovation, they will recommend the solution that will exactly fulfill your requirements. If required, a simulation on a pilot site can help you to check the relevance of our proposal. With your approval, we will assist you in implementing the selected method, formalizing management principles and drawing up operating procedures.

Our Added Value: a practical knowledge of all techniques relating to cost management matters (Activity Based Costing, standardized sections, direct costing...) is your guarantee of practical implementation.

At your disposal, tailor-made management tools [TOP]
We give you the means to manage the current situation better by increasing your reactivity.
These tools constitute the management reports vital for running your business. With them, you have a dynamic system at your disposal to assist you in making your decisions. They enable you to know where you stand with regard to the selected criteria. Virtually instantly, you know which sectors are expanding and which are stagnating. This enables you to make the right decisions, be it for growth or corrective measures.

Our Approach:
In the first instance, we prepare a diagnosis in order to identify your key success factors, i.e. essential action required to attain your objectives. The purpose is to find out the significant criteria, which will appear in your management reports. For these criteria there are the related management tools. We will recommend simple and reliable ones, fully adapted to your expectations. They are based on your information system and conform to your corporate culture.

After the general framework is defined, we will recommend an action plan in order to draw up and implement your management-reporting format:
- Design of management indicators, which form the basis of the management tools, and establishment of the methodology in order to obtain and report them.
- Checking that the selected indicators are appropriate through simulations,
- Selecting and implementing the required data processing tools.

We will assist your company in user training as well as those in charge of preparing the information. We will then define the control procedures to be implemented in order to ensure that your management tools are reliable and current.

Our Added Value: as an expert in management models, we represent faithfully your activity through key indicators. our complete knowledge of specialized software allows optimized development of your management reports.

Use of budget plan [TOP]
The future belongs to those who see far ahead. With our experts team, you anticipate and construct your growth, mobilize your team and make them responsible.
In the last stage of the planning process, the budget is the short-term representation of forecasts and guidelines defined in strategic (long-term) and operating plans (medium-term). Its initial function is to quantify and allocate the necessary resources to the development of your business. Our forecasting system goes beyond this and, thanks to a dynamic budget function, becomes an efficient instrument to involve and mobilize your team and give them responsibility.

Our Approach:
The conceptual phase of the budget plan is the basis of its success. Which goals have to be taken into consideration in the planning process? Which budget assumptions should be retained? How to rely on the company's organization? To which level of detail should budget supervision be carried out? What are the operating conditions (i.e. persons in charge, time-schedules, tools…)? We formalize the budget procedure on the basis of the answers of both general management and operational and financial managers.
The success of its implementation requires that everybody understand the goals. This is why we define the communication methodology, which will allow clear understanding at each level of the organization. In this way, everyone, and whatever is their function in the company can support the project and be an active participant. Another success factor: task sharing between decision-makers and "information producers". Our method is to recommend a rational, concrete and active organization: a work plan for everyone's assignment, systematic formalization of work performed and problems encountered, running meetings concerning progress, validation and arbitration...
The phase of budget supervision starts after budget approval (analysis of "budget/actual" variances).  Our methodology includes a review of the planning process in order to evaluate the degree of user satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

Our Added Value: complete control over financial simulations together with strength of know-how in organization and communication guarantee the rapid implementation of a pertinent and reliable planning system which will gain everyone's support.

J. Homsy Associés: Management accounting with added value [TOP]
Complete control over the management accounting techniques, implementation of proven work methods, use of simulations, complete knowledge of tools available on the market, we bring all these skills together to assist companies in implementing efficient management accounting.