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The Accounting Function
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If all businesses need to produce accounting and tax documentation on a timely basis, they do not necessarily have the required in-house skills.
According to the size of your business, the scope and the workload of your accounting department, we offer a tailor-made service to make your accounting function immediately operational.

When to call us?

Compilation of the financial statements
You require the skills of a chartered accountant at year end
On the basis of your accounting records, our account department will produce your annual accounts and corporate tax return.

Compilation is valuable when your accounting department has neither the time nor the necessary tax knowledge for preparing your annual accounts and corporate income tax return.
Whatever is the shape of your accounting department, you forward your accounting documents to us once a year. We will compile them in order to produce the financial statements of your business.
If necessary, our accounting specialists will first adapt your accounting records to meet Lebanese requirements.

Accounting supervision: [TOP]
You require the skills of a chartered accountant on a regular basis
If you keep your own accounts, our chartered accountants will supervise the process, assist you on a regular basis and produce your company's annual accounts and corporate tax return. 
For a low cost, supervision proves to be valuable. Its principle: your accounting department deals with the day-to-day work, we intervenes in support. It gives, the feeling of security to your staff as they will be able to converse with experts at any time, the guarantee that your accounting records are updated and that accounting rule are correctly applied. The regular work of our team will represent a valuable gain in time when preparing the annual accounts. In addition, we will draw management's attention to possible tax or social risks and recommend constructive solutions to avoid them.

Reporting packages [TOP]
You are required to produce periodic statements in accordance with the requirements of your group
We will periodically draw up your financial statements according to the accounting requirements and standards.
Reporting represents a periodic complex operation which, in addition, must be handled within a few days. Our accountants thorough knowledge of the international standards guarantees that your accounts will be restated and your financial statements produced on time. The latter can also be completed with additional documentation (e.g. cash flow statement, variation statement...). With us, you can be sure that the final reporting package will conform to accounting and presentation standards prescribed by your group

Our Approach: [TOP]

In order to determine the accounting assignment that will correspond exactly to your requirements, we will first acquire a thorough knowledge of your business and identify your expectations and constraints.
Our assignment proposal will then be drawn up, listing the tasks to be performed, their allocation between your business and our office, the professionals concerned and our financial conditions. No tasks can be successfully carried out without thorough preparation. This is the purpose of the start-up phase which will, for example, consist for a supervision assignment: in organizing the files to make them easier to handle, for a book-keeping assignment: in improving the transmission of information, paper or electronic mail (e.g. Intranet, Extra-net....), for a reporting assignment: in defining the appropriate chart of accounts. The key aspects of the start-up phase will then be formalized.
When the work is carried out, we will prepare a useful report for your business. This report will summarize the accounting options chosen and the technical problems encountered, and will point out the possible tax or social risks. The improvements recommended by us and the accompanying management comments will contribute to smoother operational accounting for your business.

Our Added Value: the experience of a major accounting firm, professionals familiar with an international environment, a complete and flexible offer adapted to the size of your business and its organization and more reasons that make us the ideal partner for your business.

J. Homsy Associés: [TOP]
The accounting function with added value
Complete control of accounting techniques and international standards, together with the knowledge of several foreign languages, application of proven work methods, specific tools for information processing, standardized working files that make the running and transmission of information easier, we have all these skills to answer business accounting requirements.